The Royal Wedding: What will Meghan Wear?

What will Meghan wear?

With only two weeks to go until the royal wedding, there’s only one question on everybody’s lips: What will Meghan wear?

It’s been a hotly debated topic amongst the Anna Bridal Team, so read on to hear our predictions…


Firstly, I will start by saying – I LOVE A ROYAL WEDDING!

I’m an avid follower of Suits, and have been since day one. I have (and always have had) a crush on Prince Harry! Seeing ‘Rachel Zane’ marry her true Prince will be an occasion I will always remember.

Now. Let’s get down to the question “What will Meghan Markle Wear to her wedding to Prince Harry?”

I am hoping for something classic and traditional, this would be a sure way to steal the hearts of the British public. It would be very respectful for Meghan to give a ‘nod’ to the history of our wonderful Royal Family!

In my opinion, I feel she simply must select a British Designer, it would be a shame if she doesn’t, but she is a true American girl, so maybe that will be an element she brings to the formalities of the day!

I would love Meghan to wear a full A-Line or Ballgown style gown, with slight detail at the neckline (Meghan leans towards a ‘V’ or a high neckline, and I think we will see this following into her bridal gown). Personally, I adore sleeves on a wedding dress, so I hope she wears a structured sleeve with covered button detail. I’m not sure if lace will be featuring, but it would be so lovely if it did!

The true drama will be at the back. A plunging low ‘V’ with delicate lace framing her back would look divine, and, of course, I would love to see her wearing a full cathedral length train- a true homage to her becoming our Princess.

Let’s wait and see!!


Let’s be honest, Meghan has caused quite a stir with her fashion choices since The Royal Engagement was announced. I personally LOVE her modern, sleek and sophisticated style, so I would really like to see this reflected in her wedding dress.

Seven years ago when Kate married Prince William we saw lace (and lace sleeves in particular!) everywhere, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Meghan strayed away from this and went for a completely plain gown in a beautiful silk zibeline or satin fabric. I’m quite traditional when it comes to a royal wedding, so I really hope that Meghan’s dress has sleeves. I would also love to see her wear something with a high neckline- think Audrey Hepburn… classic, feminine and sophisticated.

When it comes to veils, I adore a cathedral length, so I really hope Meghan goes dramatic and wears a beautiful, long veil, perhaps with some gorgeous lace detail on it- she is becoming a princess after all!

Either way, I’ll be eagerly waiting alongside the rest of the world on the 19th May, and I cannot wait to see what Meghan wears, and how it paves the way for bridal fashion over the coming seasons!


I have always loved the slightly alternative approach to his Royal duties that Harry has demonstrated over the years. His cheeky, friendly personality comes across in everything that he does and Harry and Meghan seem so natural and relaxed together, bringing a slightly more ‘fun’ side to the Royals. I have had a feeling since the engagement that the couple may do things slightly differently for the wedding to try and incorporate a more relaxed feel to their big day.

That said I don’t think Meghan’s dress will by any means be relaxed! I think she will opt for a structured dress that will show off her incredible figure beautifully, with a beautiful full skirt. I picture perhaps a slightly more modern look to her dress veering away from the long sleeves Kate wore so exquisitely for her wedding.

A soft, off-the-shoulder, fitted top would look stunning on Meghan- I’d also love her gown to be a modern, cloqué-style fabric, which was all over the catwalk this season! I have a feeling there may be a hint of gold embellishments on the dress, which would show off her skin tone beautifully.

Only time will tell- let’s see on 19th May!