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As 2018 draws to a close, we wanted to give all 2019 Brides a ‘5 Great Tips’ if they are yet to find their dream Wedding Gown!

Start your search early & have confidence. You can never be too quick off the mark when it comes to selecting your perfect wedding gown.

For ease, having your wedding date and venue confirmed can help to aid your choices. For example, a semi-sheer, slinky gown will look effortlessly chic on the idyllic Mauritius coastline, but may not feel the same nestled in the majestic highlands of a Scottish castle.

Have confidence, as the first dress in the first shop may well be the one that steals your heart! When we help you to select your gowns during your initial dress selection, don’t be surprised if your perfect gown is hanging on the rail in your Bridal Suite!

Have your ‘Best Team’ by your side!

It is time to call together your perfect bride tribe, smaller is sometimes better to let your voice and opinion shine. Look to have honesty and those who will really champion your vision for the big day. It is a difficult decision to make, but surrounded by those whose opinion you value the most will and make your experience so very special.

Be clear on your requirements.

Compromise is not an option when it comes to your wedding dress and this is true when it comes to your budget. You can definitely find your dream dress without over spending on your budget, allow your vision to come to life and focus on what is important to you.

Keep an open mind.

Hold out for that elusive ‘The One’ feeling, but be open to suggestions and trying different styles. Remember ruling a certain cut out can be as successful as ruling one in. When you know, you know. It may be a quiet inner moment of self-assurance where you know you have found your dress or it may be a collective celebration an emotional moment between your whole party. However, no matter how the feeling comes to you, it will. Much like your wedding dress there is no formula to finding the perfect dress each brides gown is unique and this is true for the feeling.

Stop looking once you have fallen in love.

In our Instagrammable and Pintrest loving society (us included) the temptation to continue on the quest for the perfect dress is enormous. But, take confidence in your decision no picture on a phone will be able conjure up the feeling of trying on your gown with your bride tribe. Draw the focus back to you and your day and allow your wedding day to have that extra special magic of mystery of the big reveal to the rest of your loved ones.

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Bridal Retailer of the Year for South Central England Tue, 20 Nov 2018 12:51:30 +0000 The post Bridal Retailer of the Year for South Central England appeared first on Anna Bridal Couture.


South Central Bridal Retailer of the Year

Anna Bridal Couture has been awarded the prestigious ‘Bridal Retailer Of The Year’ award at The Wedding Industry Awards 2019! This was for the South Central Region of England. We are now through to the National Finals, being held in London in January!

Winning a The Wedding Industry Awards title has been a huge goal since long before Anna Bridal opened its doors. I have always referred to these awards as ‘The Big Ones’! The judging process is very tough and is lead by esteemed industry professionals whom I have always admired.

We Would Like to Say Thank you!

Thank You to our truly incredible Brides! It is your votes and comments that give the awards the creditability it has in the industry! Your comments are heavily taken into account throughout the judging process. We receive our feedback in January after the National Awards are finalised. It is one of the most exciting days of the year reading our brides’ comments, we always go through them as a team! We are so thankful to have the most supportive followers, fellow industry professionals, family and friends.

What’s Next?

I really enjoyed sitting down to write our application for the TWIA awards this year. I love using this time to reflect on all of the changes within Anna Bridal over the past year. The application forms the foundation for the targets I set for us the forthcoming year. A plan is then made, based on how we can make the experience for our brides even better over the forthcoming year! We are always striving to provide a higher level of service for you, our brides.

Each year we are growing, making sure we are doing our very best to make the ‘Anna Bridal Experience’ for our Brides as insightful, beneficial and of course as luxurious as possible! We pride ourselves on our experience within the industry. It is very special when you are awarded based on your hard work and recommendations from our Brides who have married over the past year!

The National Awards are being held in January, and we couldn’t be more excited for the results!

With Love, Anna x

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The Royal Wedding: What Will Meghan Wear? Sat, 05 May 2018 16:53:01 +0000 […]

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The Royal Wedding: What will Meghan Wear?

What will Meghan wear?

With only two weeks to go until the royal wedding, there’s only one question on everybody’s lips: What will Meghan wear?

It’s been a hotly debated topic amongst the Anna Bridal Team, so read on to hear our predictions…


Firstly, I will start by saying – I LOVE A ROYAL WEDDING!

I’m an avid follower of Suits, and have been since day one. I have (and always have had) a crush on Prince Harry! Seeing ‘Rachel Zane’ marry her true Prince will be an occasion I will always remember.

Now. Let’s get down to the question “What will Meghan Markle Wear to her wedding to Prince Harry?”

I am hoping for something classic and traditional, this would be a sure way to steal the hearts of the British public. It would be very respectful for Meghan to give a ‘nod’ to the history of our wonderful Royal Family!

In my opinion, I feel she simply must select a British Designer, it would be a shame if she doesn’t, but she is a true American girl, so maybe that will be an element she brings to the formalities of the day!

I would love Meghan to wear a full A-Line or Ballgown style gown, with slight detail at the neckline (Meghan leans towards a ‘V’ or a high neckline, and I think we will see this following into her bridal gown). Personally, I adore sleeves on a wedding dress, so I hope she wears a structured sleeve with covered button detail. I’m not sure if lace will be featuring, but it would be so lovely if it did!

The true drama will be at the back. A plunging low ‘V’ with delicate lace framing her back would look divine, and, of course, I would love to see her wearing a full cathedral length train- a true homage to her becoming our Princess.

Let’s wait and see!!


Let’s be honest, Meghan has caused quite a stir with her fashion choices since The Royal Engagement was announced. I personally LOVE her modern, sleek and sophisticated style, so I would really like to see this reflected in her wedding dress.

Seven years ago when Kate married Prince William we saw lace (and lace sleeves in particular!) everywhere, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Meghan strayed away from this and went for a completely plain gown in a beautiful silk zibeline or satin fabric. I’m quite traditional when it comes to a royal wedding, so I really hope that Meghan’s dress has sleeves. I would also love to see her wear something with a high neckline- think Audrey Hepburn… classic, feminine and sophisticated.

When it comes to veils, I adore a cathedral length, so I really hope Meghan goes dramatic and wears a beautiful, long veil, perhaps with some gorgeous lace detail on it- she is becoming a princess after all!

Either way, I’ll be eagerly waiting alongside the rest of the world on the 19th May, and I cannot wait to see what Meghan wears, and how it paves the way for bridal fashion over the coming seasons!


I have always loved the slightly alternative approach to his Royal duties that Harry has demonstrated over the years. His cheeky, friendly personality comes across in everything that he does and Harry and Meghan seem so natural and relaxed together, bringing a slightly more ‘fun’ side to the Royals. I have had a feeling since the engagement that the couple may do things slightly differently for the wedding to try and incorporate a more relaxed feel to their big day.

That said I don’t think Meghan’s dress will by any means be relaxed! I think she will opt for a structured dress that will show off her incredible figure beautifully, with a beautiful full skirt. I picture perhaps a slightly more modern look to her dress veering away from the long sleeves Kate wore so exquisitely for her wedding.

A soft, off-the-shoulder, fitted top would look stunning on Meghan- I’d also love her gown to be a modern, cloqué-style fabric, which was all over the catwalk this season! I have a feeling there may be a hint of gold embellishments on the dress, which would show off her skin tone beautifully.

Only time will tell- let’s see on 19th May!

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Finding Your Wedding Dress in a Sample Sale Wed, 10 Jan 2018 15:50:47 +0000 The post Finding Your Wedding Dress in a Sample Sale appeared first on Anna Bridal Couture.


10 Top Tips for Finding Your Wedding Dress in a Sample Sale

The biggest ever Anna Bridal Sample Sale is less than two weeks away, so we have created our 10 Top Tips to help you find the wedding dress of your dreams with up to 80% off!

Anna Bridal Couture Ringwood

1. Find Yourself a Beautiful Bargain

Let’s start with the most obvious point here- there are HUGE savings to be found at a bridal sample sale! At Anna Bridal, our sample sale gowns have between 30%-80% off (and occasionally even more!), so they are the perfect place to grab a bridal bargain.

2. Plan Ahead

Bridal Sample Sales can get very busy, so it’s always a good idea to do some research and have an idea of what you are looking for before you arrive. Bridal magazines and wedding blogs are a great starting point when you begin looking for your dress. Consider the gown styles and fabrics you like, research designers to find the ones you love the most, and remember you can always contact us before the Sale to see if the dress you have your heart set on will be reduced.

3. Ask the Experts

With no appointment necessary, our sample sales offer a very relaxed shopping experience, however our expert consultants are always on hand to help you try on dresses, guide you through the gowns you might like and advise you about any alterations your dress may need. We will never compromise on the luxury service we offer, and will always be there to guide you through the process of finding your dream gown. So arrive poised with any questions you may have and we will be sure to help!

4. Luxury For Less

Our sample sale gowns are the same quality, designer gowns that we pride ourselves on; they have been discounted purely to make way for next year’s collections. At Anna Bridal, we take great care of our sample dresses to keep them in beautiful condition. A bridal sale is the perfect opportunity for you to find the high end, designer wedding dress you have always dreamt of for a fraction of it’s original price!

5. Arrive Early

Sample Sale gowns are highly in demand, therefore are sold strictly on a first come, first serve basis. We recommend that you arrive early to avoid disappointment- doors open at 9am!

Anna Bridal Couture Ringwood

6. Set Your Budget

We will never try and blow your budget, so have the amount you are willing to spend set before you shop in a sample sale and stick to it! We have many gowns priced at £999 (and some even less!), so there will be something for every bride. Bear in mind that any alterations your gown may need will be an addition, as well as any accessories. Which brings us on to our next point…

7. The Finishing Touches

It’s not only The Dress that you’ll find at our sample sales. We’ll also have shoes, veils and accessories available all at fabulously affordable prices; so whether you’re looking to complete your bridal look all under one roof, or if you’ve already found the gown and you just need the finishing touches- pay us a visit and complete your beautiful bridal look, for less!

8. The Perfect Entourage

We recommend bringing 1 or 2 people whose opinions you truly value with you to a sample sale- too many voices might leave you confused. Like Monica in Friends, brief your bride squad before you arrive so that they can help you select dresses that you’ll love- whistles are encouraged!

9. All the Small Things

It is likely that a sample gown will need a few alterations to be the perfect fit for you, however in order to give yourself an accurate depiction of how your dress will look when you are trying it on, make sure you’re wearing the right underwear. Nude and seamless is best!

10. No Need to Wait

Left dress shopping until the last minute? No need to panic! You will take your dress away with you the very same day; so if you are on a time crunch, a sample gown is the perfect option for you.

See You There!

Anna Bridal Couture New Year Sale

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An Award Winning Bridal Boutique Wed, 29 Nov 2017 11:37:20 +0000 […]

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Wedding Award Season 2017

There are frequent moments in our job that remind us how wonderfully rewarding what we do is… the happiness on a bride’s face when she knows she’s found ‘the one’, her excitement when she comes to collect her gown the day before she gets married, and the heartfelt thank you notes we receive after the wedding. But it’s another sense of achievement receiving an award for your hard work from your fellow Industry Professionals. Which is why we were absolutely delighted that Anna Bridal Couture was made a finalist for three different awards this year!

Anna Bridal - Award Season 2017

The Wedding Industry Awards

The Wedding Industry Awards are the most widely recognised wedding awards. They are not only judged by Wedding Industry Professionals, but our very own brides have the opportunity to vote for us, which made it especially exciting when we were made finalists for the South Region! We headed up to Lillibrooke Manor for an evening of bubbles and canapés, and had such a wonderful time getting to know our fellow South Central suppliers. Although we didn’t win this year, it is such an honour just to be finalists, and we want to say a huge THANK YOU to our wonderful brides for voting for us and helping us make the top three!

The Hampshire & Dorset Wedding Supplier Awards

Since the boutique is directly on the border of Hampshire and Dorset, and we have so many brides get married in both counties, we were fortunate to be nominated as Bridal Wear Retailer of the Year for both The Hampshire Wedding Supplier Awards AND The Dorset Wedding Supplier Awards. These awards are organised by the incredible South Coast Events, and they are an excellent opportunity for us to meet our fellow retailers, mingle with other wedding suppliers and, above all else, let our hair down after the madness of wedding season! We also had the pleasure of supporting The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation at both Award Evenings- a truly incredible charity that organises and funds weddings for terminally ill people.

The awards are judged blind by an expert panel, and the results aren’t announced until the awards ceremony. First, we attended The Hampshire Awards at The Hilton at the Ageas Bowl in Southampton. Unfortunately Anna Bridal didn’t bring home the trophy this time, however we were over the moon just to have been a finalist, and are truly delighted for all the winners on the night!

The following week we headed to The Pavilion Ballroom in Bournemouth for The Dorset Awards, and after a busy Saturday in the boutique we were ready to get the bubbles flowing and enjoy ourselves! An exceptionally long drum roll, two shocked faces, and a spilt glass of champagne later, Anna Bridal Couture was announced as Bridal Wear Retailer of the Year!

Anna Bridal - Award Winners 2017

We are unbelievably happy to have been awarded the trophy, and to have been made a finalist for three incredible awards this year. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts to our incredible brides, you are the reason we do what we do, and we wouldn’t have this achievement without your ongoing support.

Love Anna & Rachel xx

Anna Bridal - Award Winners 2017

Image Credit: The Photo Rooms

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Win your Twobirds Bridesmaid Dresses For Free at Anna Bridal in June! Wed, 31 May 2017 14:02:46 +0000 The post Win your Twobirds Bridesmaid Dresses For Free at Anna Bridal in June! appeared first on Anna Bridal Couture.


Find Your Dress at Anna Bridal in June and Win your Twobirds Bridesmaid Dresses for Free!

We are giving away up to 4 of our hugely popular Twobirds bridesmaids dresses worth £1000!

Find the wedding dress of your dreams at Anna Bridal in June and you will be entered into a draw to win your bridesmaid dresses for free!

Twobirds bridesmaid are the original multiway bridesmaid dresses, available in 30 colours and with endless ways to wrap. Your bridesmaids are sure to love these beautifully flattering dresses, perfect for all shapes and sizes.

How to Enter:

Like our Facebook Page and tag your bridesmaids on our promotional post.

Book in your appointment with one of our stylists.

-Place the order for your dream wedding dress at Anna Bridal in June and you will automatically be entered into a draw!

The winner will be announced on 30th June.

Good luck!

Terms and Conditions

-Win a maximum of 4 dresses. Additional dresses can be purchased from Anna Bridal for £250.

-Twobirds Classic Collection only. Tulle, Rosette, Party & Bandeau collections can be ordered separately for an additional charge.

-Entrants must purchase a full price wedding gown from Anna Bridal Couture to be entered into the draw. Sample dresses not included.

  • – Your dress order must be placed between 1st June and 30th June 2017.

-Due to ordering times, your wedding date must be after 1st November 2017.

(Dresses can be ordered sooner, but a ‘Rush Order Fee’ will be applied)

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Sit Front Row with Anna Bridal at London Bridal Fashion Week Tue, 30 May 2017 15:59:07 +0000 The post Sit Front Row with Anna Bridal at London Bridal Fashion Week appeared first on Anna Bridal Couture.


London Bridal Fashion Week 2017: A Front Row Seat

Anna Bridal at London Bridal Fashion Week

Front Row with Anna Bridal at London Bridal Fashion Week.

White Gallery London is the most prestigious event in the bridal calendar. Luxury Bridal Designers from all over the world flock to London to debut their new collections to buyers, press and wedding professionals. It’s a time when high-end designers gather together to pave the way for new and exciting trends for 2018.

The Anna Bridal team have accumulated our favourite trends straight from the catwalk to predict what we’ll be seeing more of next season. Join us for a front row seat…

Statement Backs

Brides have been loving low-backed dresses for the past few seasons, and this year we’ve seen it go up a notch. Strong embellishment, elegant lace, beautiful buttons and even statement zips all featured on the back of some of the gowns we saw, making for some real 360 degree dresses!

Anna Bridal at London Bridal Fashion Week
Anna Bridal at London Bridal Fashion Week
Anna Bridal at London Bridal Fashion Week
Anna Bridal at London Bridal Fashion Week

Cold Shoulder

One of the edgier trends we saw at White Gallery was cutaway sleeves and off the shoulder straps. The perfect solution for brides who want a little bit of coverage over their arms but still want to look beautifully feminine on their wedding day!

Anna Bridal at London Bridal Fashion Week

Black is the new Ivory

Black accents strutted down the runway at New York Bridal Fashion Week last month at shows by the likes of Marchesa and Reem Acra, and we were delighted to see the trend come to London too. For a wearable and chic way to wear the trend on your wedding day, consider a statement black belt or ribbon!


You deserve to shine brightly on your wedding day and this is a trend that isn’t going anywhere! Subtly shimmery fabrics, strong all over beading and beautifully bejewelled hair accessories- however you do sparkle, you won’t go wrong.

Anna Bridal at London Bridal Fashion Week

Textured Lace

Suzanne Neville introduced us to heavier, crochet style lace with her 2017 Collection last year, and we love it’s continuation into this year’s 2018 Collections. With Pippa Middleton wearing an all over lace Giles Deacon gown for her wedding last weekend, we predict that this is a trend that won’t be going anywhere soon!

Anna Bridal at London Bridal Fashion Week
Anna Bridal at London Bridal Fashion Week

Perfectly Pleated

Designers such as Jesus Peiro have featured strong, defined pleats in their gowns for the past few collections. We were so excited to see floaty, feminine pleated skirts on the Suzanne Neville Catwalk in her Belle Epoque Collection this year- and we can’t wait to see this trend take off.

Anna Bridal at London Bridal Fashion Week

Show-stopping Trains

You deserve to look stunning from every angle on your wedding day! A dramatic train is sure to blow your congregation away- consider a long train for your ceremony and bustle it up in the evening so that you can dance the night away!

Let us know your favourite Runway Looks,

The Anna Bridal Team x

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Ask the Experts Sat, 06 May 2017 14:22:52 +0000 […]

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Anna Bridal Couture - Ask the Experts - Arcade Flowers

Ask the Experts: Floristry

In our new ‘Ask the Experts’ series, we speak to our fellow Wedding Industry Professionals about all things wedding, to help you prepare for every aspect of your Big Day!

First, we speak to the lovely Emma from Arcade Flowers in Ringwood about creating the perfect flowers for your Wedding Day.

Please can you give us your favourite ‘Bridal Flowers’ for each season?

Spring – RanunculusScreen Shot 2017-05-06 at 11.35.23
Summer – Peony
Autumn – Dahlia
Winter – Hydrangea

If I am on a budget, what do you think are the most important floral displays to include on my day?

Definitely your bridal bouquet as it is ALL about the bride!

If I am really looking to make an impact by decorating the room with flowers, can you tell us the most creative idea you would give to a bride if the budget wasn’t an issue?

Tall, opulent table decorations, or a focal statement piece for real wow factor such as oversized fireplace display or a breathtaking floral installation.

Do I need my dress or venue before we discuss flowers?

Yes, it’s always best to start with the dress and venue then the flowers and displays can be designed to work perfectly with the venue and style of your dress.

How do you see the style of bouquets changing for 2018 weddings?

I see less foliage and more full, floral and sumptuous designs but with a natural, organic feel.

We love how creative you are- can you describe to us what florals you would put with these dresses and venues?

7021 by Jesus Peiro at Athelhampton House in Autumn?

Beautiful muted jewel tones with autumnal foliage and textures using berries and hydrangeas as a focal element.

Anna Bridal Couture - Jesus Peiro - 7021

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 14.00.14










Juniper by Suzanne Neville at Chewton Glen in Spring?

Soft pastel shades of blush, nudes and powder blues for a touch of extra colour. Minimal foliage to keep the design simple and clean so as not to detract from the detail in the beautiful dress.

Anna Bridal Couture - Suzanne Neville - Juniper

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 14.03.01










Dasha by Augusta Jones at Lulworth Castle in Winter?

An oversized and very loose style bouquet with a more sideways structure rather than traditional trailing style.

Anna Bridal Couture - Augusta Jones - Dasha

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 13.47.15










Scarlet by Suzanne Neville for a Summer Wedding on the Beach in Bournemouth?

A fairly small bouquet, with natural beachy elements such as soft eucalyptus, air plants and peach tones.

Anna Bridal Couture - Suzanne Neville - Scarlet

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 11.35.47










Be sure to check out Emma and the team at Arcade Flowers to create your beautiful wedding flowers!

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Finding the Wedding Dress of your Dreams Wed, 29 Mar 2017 17:05:00 +0000 The post Finding the Wedding Dress of your Dreams appeared first on Anna Bridal Couture.

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Wedding Musings by Rachel – Finding the Wedding Dress of your Dreams

Finding the Wedding Dress of Your Dreams

Your wedding dress should be one of the most exciting purchases you ever make- but for many brides the thought of committing to one dress for the biggest day of your life can seem incredibly daunting. We’ve put together our Top Tips to help you find the dress of your dreams, without the hassle!

Plan the Theme of Your Day

Although the dress you choose can have a huge impact on the other areas of your big day, it’s a good idea to visualise how you would like your wedding day to look overall before you start looking for your dress. Would you like it to be formal or relaxed? Luxury or rustic? Classic or bohemian? It’s great to have a few words, colour scheme ideas or photos to take to your consultant to help them find your dress.

Do Your Research

Before you book your appointments, research the boutiques you would like to visit and find out what they are like and what designers they work with. Here at Anna Bridal, we pride ourselves on our calm approach and exclusive service- only seeing one bride at a time to be able to help you through every step of finding your perfect dress. We also offer a broad selection of designers and dresses to ensure we have something for every bride. Our Suzanne Neville dresses are classically beautiful, with incredible corsetry, strong silhouettes and the finest fabrics. For something a little edgier, we suggest our Jesus Peiro gowns, with unique structure and couture designs they are perfect for a fashion forward yet bridal look. Augusta Jones are the epitome of classic bridal, offering beautiful lace, wonderful corsetry and stunning back detail. We really do have the perfect dress for every bride!

Set a Budget

It’s always best to have in mind the maximum amount you are wanting to spend on your dress, as the perfect dress for you is only perfect if it’s within your price range! Consider the quality and style of dress you are looking for when setting a budget, since this can play a huge part in the cost of a gown.

The Perfect Entourage

We always suggest you bring a couple of people with you whose opinions you value the most, but who will be honest and decisive when it comes to decision making! Remember, you are the one wearing your wedding dress, so whilst you should consider what your loved ones have to say, only you can know how the dress makes you feel, and it is ultimately your decision.

Enjoy your appointment

At Anna Bridal, our aim is to make your appointment as relaxing and enjoyable as possible for you and anybody you bring with you. We allow you to try on as many dresses as you would like, and encourage you to tell us what you do and don’t like about each dress in order for us to make suggestions to get closer to finding the perfect gown. Remember that you are only looking for one dress, so discount any that don’t make you feel incredible. Focus on finding the one that makes you a happy, radiant bride, and above all else, enjoy yourself!



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Chewton Glen Wedding Photoshoot Wed, 12 Oct 2016 16:37:28 +0000 The post Chewton Glen Wedding Photoshoot appeared first on Anna Bridal Couture.

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Chewton Glen Wedding Photoshoot

Earlier this year we received a phone call asking us to take part in a wedding photoshoot at the incredible Chewton Glen Hotel and Spa in New Milton.

It was such an exciting idea and we immediately said yes, whilst scanning the rails in the boutique, picking out gowns that would suit the stunning settings of a ‘Chewton Glen Wedding’.  This has been an extremely popular venue with a number of our brides and it is clear to see why!  The Hotel & Spa is set in 130 acres of picturesque English countryside right in the heart of the New Forest.

After a couple meetings with our partners for the photoshoot, who are all local businesses, we settled on the shoot being centred around the ‘Walled Garden’. The Walled Garden is the perfect outside space in a simply magical setting, the aromas of the herbs and stunning flowers surrounding the wedding ceremony pergola were perfect.

The dresses that we settled on for the shoot needed to be exquisite. We would need some incredible gowns to to help steal the show and not be overpowered by the stunning setting. We selected wedding gowns from our designer collections including Suzanne Neville, Augusta Jones and Jesus Peiro.

Our floral contributors led by Emma, Arcade Flowers, wanted to bring a victorian decadence to the floral display, and there was certainly an abundance of drama! Emma created a stunning bouquet for brides which included Roses, Clematis and Orchids.

Also featuring in the photoshoot were Fancie Buns Cakery who create show stopping cakes and sweet treats. The display at Chewton Glen featured a four tier iced cake decorated with stunning sugar flowers and fine lace, with yummy macaroons and cake pops for the table. The display was so chic yet had a beautifully traditional feel.

Photographs were taken by the immensely talented Abi Chadwick. Her photographs have graced many front covers of glossy magazines. We were in awe of watching her work. Keep scrolling for a selection of the beautiful images.

Hair and Makeup was overseen by Annette at Elegance Bridal Coiffure. Annette created an elegant and understated look for our model, which is perfect for the ‘classic’ bridal look, with warm nude tones and sheer pink lip colouring.

Dahlia Hill, who has recently started her own wedding planning business ‘Dahlia Hill Weddings’, was the person who brought us together for the shoot. Dahlia has a wealth of experience in planning weddings across the globe and we are lucky to now have her based in Hampshire. She is happy to assist with as much or as little as brides require on the lead up to their big day.

We are thrilled to announce that this stunning photoshoot will be featured in the Dorset and Hampshire Wedding Magazine later this month!

Anna x

Juniper by Suzanne Neville - Chewton Glen Wedding Photoshoot
Scarlet by Suzanne Neville - Chewton Glen Wedding Photoshoot
Penny by Augusta Jones - Arcade Flowers Flower Crown - Chewton Glen Wedding Photoshoot
Acacia by Suzanne Neville - Chewton Glen Wedding Photoshoot
Floral Wedding Bridal Bouquet - Chewton Glen Wedding Photoshoot
Wedding Cakes by Facnie Buns Cakery - Chewton Glen Wedding Photoshoot
Floral Crown - Wedding - Chewton Glen Wedding Photoshoot
Cakes by Fancie Buns Cakery - Chewton Glen Wedding Photoshoot
Scarlet by Suzanne Neville - Chewton Glen Wedding Photoshoot

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