As 2018 draws to a close, we wanted to give all 2019 Brides a ‘5 Great Tips’ if they are yet to find their dream Wedding Gown!

Start your search early & have confidence. You can never be too quick off the mark when it comes to selecting your perfect wedding gown.

For ease, having your wedding date and venue confirmed can help to aid your choices. For example, a semi-sheer, slinky gown will look effortlessly chic on the idyllic Mauritius coastline, but may not feel the same nestled in the majestic highlands of a Scottish castle.

Have confidence, as the first dress in the first shop may well be the one that steals your heart! When we help you to select your gowns during your initial dress selection, don’t be surprised if your perfect gown is hanging on the rail in your Bridal Suite!

Have your ‘Best Team’ by your side!

It is time to call together your perfect bride tribe, smaller is sometimes better to let your voice and opinion shine. Look to have honesty and those who will really champion your vision for the big day. It is a difficult decision to make, but surrounded by those whose opinion you value the most will and make your experience so very special.

Be clear on your requirements.

Compromise is not an option when it comes to your wedding dress and this is true when it comes to your budget. You can definitely find your dream dress without over spending on your budget, allow your vision to come to life and focus on what is important to you.

Keep an open mind.

Hold out for that elusive ‘The One’ feeling, but be open to suggestions and trying different styles. Remember ruling a certain cut out can be as successful as ruling one in. When you know, you know. It may be a quiet inner moment of self-assurance where you know you have found your dress or it may be a collective celebration an emotional moment between your whole party. However, no matter how the feeling comes to you, it will. Much like your wedding dress there is no formula to finding the perfect dress each brides gown is unique and this is true for the feeling.

Stop looking once you have fallen in love.

In our Instagrammable and Pintrest loving society (us included) the temptation to continue on the quest for the perfect dress is enormous. But, take confidence in your decision no picture on a phone will be able conjure up the feeling of trying on your gown with your bride tribe. Draw the focus back to you and your day and allow your wedding day to have that extra special magic of mystery of the big reveal to the rest of your loved ones.